Akane Kōmoto (紅本 茜 Kōmoto Akane) is a character introduced in Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

She is the principal of the high school.


Though over one thousand years old, Akane takes the appearance of a young girl with pink hair and green eyes, also possessing a set of demonic horns.


Akane loves to toy with others, often at their expense - a trait that most other characters associate with her being a demon. She is, in essence, a prankster, and her favorite target is none other than her own granddaughter, Koumoto Akari, although she has played quite a few pranks on both Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi.

Being a demon, she sometimes offer her help, but then requires compensation; not souls, as one might expect, but sweets and candy, due to her having a sweet tooth. As a result, the character whom she is most liable to help (or tempt, or manipulate into asking for help) is Aizawa Nagisa, due to the latter being extremely talented at making pastries and cakes - so much so that Akane has literally fallen in love with her cooking.

Due to her having been a teacher, and to currently being the principal, she is not adverse to sharing some words of wisdom with other characters, such as with Shiragami Youko or Kuromine Asahi - although she usually finds a way to make fun of (or to blatantly troll) the person she gives advice to.

It is hinted that she actually cares about her great-granddaughter Akari a lot, to the point where she shows extreme distrust of Sakurada Kousuke's feelings for Akari, despite him being depicted in the manga as a rather virtuous, straight-laced sort of person. She has yet to admit it openly, however.

It is also shown, in spite of all her demonic trolling, that she regrets not having been able to honour her promise to Shiragami Touko to help protect Shiragami Genjirou's secret of being a vampire while they were high-schoolers, and it is hinted that she intends to fulfill it by allowing Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi to graduate safely in their stead.





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