Yōko Shiragami (白神 葉子 Shiragami Yōko) is the main female protagonist of the Jitsu wa Watashi wa series.

She is a second-year high school student and the daughter of a human and a vampire, as such making her a vampire-human hybrid, known as dhampirs. Attending a human school under the condition that she keep it a secret, she manages to do so until her secret was exposed to Asahi Kuromine, a classmate, when he caught her unfolding her wings in an empty classroom.


Yōko has long green hair and orange eyes. As a vampire, she also possesses long canine teeth and wings. Though she is able to hide her wings, Yōko is unable to do so with her canines which leads to her avoiding showing her teeth while at school as much as possible.


When not hiding her secret, Yōko is a very lovable girl to be around. However she's also rather dense, and tends to be baffled by seemingly simple concepts, which frustrates her classmates, especially Asahi, to no end.



Her parents met in high school, so she believed she'd also meet her beloved in the same school. Her imposing father gave her the stipulation that if her secret was discovered, she was to rejoin the family.



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  • Shiragami has a Kansai accent. She probably know Latin and Hungarian.



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